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Paper Flowers

Handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia

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Paper Flowers Workshops

Create stunning lifelike crepe paper flowers while snacking and chatting with fellow craft lovers.


The Florita Mission

Our eco-friendly crepe paper flowers redefine traditional blooms with unmatched realism and customization. Allergy-friendly and available year-round, Florita offers timeless floral beauty.


Realism and Customization


Year-Round Availability

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About the maker

Hello, I'm Diana, the hands and heart behind Florita.

As a botanical watercolour artist, I've always been captivated by flowers. Despite my love for their beauty, the fleeting nature of fresh flowers kept me from having them around.

Discovering paper flowers changed everything—they're astonishingly lifelike, like a piece of art. This revelation led me to explore their creative possibilities, blending my love for paper and paintings in a new way. Florita, named after my beloved grandmother, is the result—a space where I bring my illustrations to life in the form of beautiful flowers.

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