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Taking care of your paper flowers.

We know you want to keep those blooms looking as vibrant as the day they arrived, so let's dive into the essential practices to maintain the vibrancy of your paper flowers.

Opposites in Care: Sun and Humidity, Not a Friend! ☀️

In contrast to living plants that relish sunlight and humidity, our paper flowers thrive when shielded from direct sunlight and moisture. Consider them the resilient heroes of flora, perfect for spaces where typical plants may struggle.

Dust Management: A Gentle Approach is Key! 🌬️

Keeping your paper flowers dust-free is a breeze. A small, soft brush is your best ally in this delicate task. Gently sweep away any accumulated dust from the leaves, preserving the lifelike appearance of each petal.

Handle with Care - Fragile Beauties! 💁‍♀️

While paper flowers emulate the beauty of real blooms, they are, in essence, delicate works of art. Handle them with care, especially when adjusting leaves to various angles for optimal presentation. Should a petal become detached, fear not. A touch of hot glue will seamlessly reattach it.

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